If you’ve ever had a guy as a best friend, you were probably advised to never date him – because if the relationship goes sour, you lose a boyfriend and a friend.

But researchers have now found that relationships that start as friendships are actually the secret to true love.

Scientists at the University of Texas have found that you’ll find someone more attractive if you’ve known them longer.

In their study, students rated each other at the start and end of the term. Over the course of a few months, the ratings of one another increased.

<p ‘bitstream=”” charter’,=”” new=”” roman’,=”” serif;font-size:16px;”=”” times=”” times,=””>They also asked 167 couples how long they’ve known each other before dating. The average amount of time was four months, with 40% saying they were friends before they became lovers.<p ‘bitstream=”” charter’,=”” new=”” roman’,=”” serif;font-size:16px;”=”” times=”” times,=””>So ladies, if there’s been a spark between you and a guy bestie, here are a few reasons why you might want to act on it.

  • You’re familiar with the good, the bad and the ugly. Little is hidden in a close-knit friendship. Fancying your friend means you’re attracted to them despite the not-so-great traits they might possess.
  • Interests are common knowledge. You’ve hung out on countless occasions – some of it at your favourite location, other times at his. You’re familiar with each other’s’ likes and dislikes so choosing an activity for a date isn’t an impossible task.
  • Meet the family? Tick! You’ve met his family before and when you did, it was as his platonic friend so the pressure was minimal to non-existent.
  • Your expectations are realistic. If a friend were disrespectful or dishonest, you probably wouldn’t be forgiving if there weren’t an apology. Friendships tend to be blunt and open, so starting the relationship off as friends means you’ll be more comfortable to address pressing issues.

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