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Couple disowns child

Matthew Gambe (27)
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WHEN two elephants fight the grass suffers.

Such is the case of an innocent child whose parents are fighting over a number of issues with the father disowning her, alleging the mother lied to him.

Precious Mwembe and her baby daddy Matthew Gambe (27)’s sour relationship has caused the suffering of a child, leaving her to stay with an uncle as both parents don’t want to stay with her.

Gambe reportedly disowned the child claiming it was not his and at one point the mother dumped her at his home after getting unspecified threats.

The war between the two ended up spilling into the courts as Gambe had become a thorn in Mwembe’s flesh, stalking and calling her names.

Mwembe applied for a protection order against her ex-lover.

“I am seeking an order which will stop my ex-lover from stalking  me and coming to my workplace saying he is not the father of my child and that I killed his father.

“He is abusive and calls me names,” she said.

But Gambe disputed the allegations saying he only went to her workplace to tell her to come and get her child whom she dumped at his place. However, Mwembe revealed that she decided to leave the child after getting unspecified threats if she continued staying with her.

The two didn’t agree on anything as it was one’s word against the other in court.

Presiding magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order and Mwembe was told to collect her daughter.