Confrontations are generally awkward, so chances are you’re going to catch him off guard. He won’t have enough time to plan out his answers so chances are he’s not going to be honest. It might take a couple of interventions to get him to be honest.

Remain calm

It’s always best to give yourself time to calm down and think things through on how you want to deal with this. Emotions can cloud your judgement and get the better of you, don’t allow it. He might try to flip the script and make this about you and how you’ve been snooping around, make sure you focus on the task at the hand, which is to get the truth.

Have evidence

There’s nothing like lashing out on your partner for something that’s untrue. Make sure you know your story and have evidence to back you up. Confronting him without proof will make you look like you’re assuming, and worst of all, it’ll give him a chance to go cover his tracks.

It’s about him, not you

It’s very easy for someone with a manipulative personality to turn the tables on you. He might pass offensive remarks like ‘you’re acting crazy’ or that you don’t trust him. Don’t let this rattle you.

Don’t anticipate the outcome

The first thing that might come to your mind after getting evidence is that you’re going to call it quits. This could end up not being the case for you. People differ and so do their level of tolerance. It could result in a messy break up or you might remain friends after the whole ordeal.