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Cheat seeks refuge in granary

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A  GOKWE man became a prisoner of his own scheming after he was held hostage in a granary all night following being caught in bed with his neighbour’s wife.

Waimon Dzete of Siyanungu  village under Chief Mukoka in Gokwe South was left counting his losses after angry villagers decided to mete instant justice after he was accused of having a relationship with his neighbour’s wife on Sunday night.

Siyanungu Village head Norman Gumbo said  Dzete was summoned to the chief’s court and would be made to appear at the next chief’s hearing.

According to the Village head, Dzete was having a nice time with his neighbour, Town Moyo’s wife Eliza Makoni as they assumed that Dzete had travelled to his wife’s relatives in Mutare.

“Moyo allegedly returned unannounced in the wee hours of the morning. Barking dogs alerted the lovebirds of the presence of an intruder in the homestead and Moyo’s voice when signaling dogs to behave is alleged to have prompted Dzete to seek refuge in a granary behind the couple’s matrimonial hut,” said Gumbo.

According to Gumbo, Moyo and his wife had an altercation on the same night as the husband suspected that he saw a shadow of a man rushing out of his hut.

The wrangle ended when Makoni convinced her husband that he must have just seen shadows of trees.

While they were about to retire to bed, Village Head Gumbo said Dzete’s phone rang from the granary and Moyo went to investigate, assuming it was a thief.

Other sources said Moyo was shocked to find a stark naked man in the granary and called for neighbours to come and witness what he is said to have described as an abomination.

Dzete was detained in the granary until the early hours of Monday morning, where he was then paraded for the whole village to see.

“We thought it was a wizard, his body was white with residue from the grain in the granary. He tried to act disoriented and pretended to be under a spell and on a witchcraft meeting, however we would have none of it,” said Gumbo.

Later on after investigations, Moyo discovered  that the wizard’s clothes were hidden in his hut, under his mattress.
Sources said the whole trip was meant to expose Makoni, after a tip off from neighbours about her shenanigans.

Chief Mukoka could not be reached for comment when contacted.

Dzete sustained body injuries and lost a tooth from the beating he got from the mob.

Makoni is alleged to have departed to a relative’s homestead on the same day, fearing for her life.

Sources said it was funny how Dzete managed to find his way into the granary through a window but failed to get out when instructed to, as his entry point seemed to have become too small.