Reader: After 29 years of verbal and emotional abuse, I find it hard to switch off and walk out of my relationship. Do you have any suggestions?

Jade: You deserve better and I can go on about how you can find the love you deserve. Fortunately, the responsibility of leaving rests on you. You have to feel you’ve had enough and reached your breaking point to leave an abusive relationship. You’ve given your partner enough time to seek help and be better. Abusive partners can be really nice (when they’re not being cruel) and they can convince you that you are to blame for their unkind behaviour. It’s important to remember that it is never your fault. I’d get out before it gets worse or develops into physical abuse.

Reader: Since I left my boyfriend in January, I find it hard to forget him and move on with my life even though he was wrong. What can I do?

Jade: Heartbreak is never easy. Can you forgive and forget? If so, then perhaps you can try again.

I think you can move on. I believe you have the strength and ability. Sometimes it’s called a breakup because it’s broken. Don’t live in the past because memories of the good moments can be cruel. He must have hurt you deeply for you to have left him.

You deserve happiness and you can find it within yourself or with someone new. There’s no timeline for grief, just give yourself time and allow healing to take place. – W24