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Businessman in sexual abuse storm

Alex Peresu Moyo
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A LOCAL businessman is at the centre of a sexual abuse storm after his estranged wife sensationally revealed in court that he was in the habit of forcing himself on her.

Patronella Moyo said her estranged husband Alex Peresu Moyo, proprietor of Inswim Enterprises was emotionally abusing her with his improper conduct of forcing himself on her.

She revealed this at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against him.

“Alex Peresu Moyo is my husband and we are married under Chapter 5:11. We are no longer staying together since our divorce is pending but he still abuses me. He disturbs my peace by emotionally, verbally and physically abusing me as well as threatening me.

“He also forces himself on me wanting to have sex with me. Because of his violent conduct I need the court to help me so that I can have peace pending the finalisation of the divorce proceedings,” said Patronella before she begged the court to compel Alex to return her cellphone he forcibly took from her.

Alex, in his response, disputed the harassment accusations his estranged wife levelled against him saying it happened a long time ago before she even filed for divorce.

“The issues happened a long time ago. On the issue of her cellphone I have since given her back. I took it after I heard her speaking to her boyfriend in my presence. When I later went through the messages I discovered that they had been dating for a long time,” said Alex.

In her ruling the magistrate Adelaide Mbeure however, ordered Alex not to verbally, physically and emotionally abuse his wife or threaten her in any way.