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Ailing man blesses son, stepmother affair. . . ‘there’s nothing wrong with the affair’

Chief Nemangwe
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A married man from Mabvunda Village in Gokwe stunned villagers when he reportedly ditched his wife and eloped with his ailing father’s wife after impregnating her.

It is reported that Patrick Sibanda, after impregnating his father Joseph Sibanda’s wife Sibongile Mathuthu, stunned a traditional court presided over by Chief Nemangwe whose jurisdiction the area falls under, when he said he was prepared to pay off the lobola balance his father had not finished to his grandparents.

He also reportedly bragged to them saying the sex life with his father’s aging wife was incredible and mind-blowing,  adding that Mathuthu was better in bed than his wife.

Shockingly, after the bedridden Joseph was told of the shocking news that his wife had been impregnated by his son, he stunned all and sundry when he reportedly said there was nothing wrong with his son dipping into his well since they shared the same blood.

Joseph apparently went on to bless the forbidden relationship saying it was better for Patrick to “service” his wife since he was no longer active in bed.

This reportedly led the seemingly shocked Sibanda family to approach Chief Nemangwe where both Patrick and Mathuthu were summoned and later confessed that they started sleeping together seven months ago when Joseph fell sick.

They said they decided to take their love to the next level by having a child together.

Relaying the larger than life love story to B-Metro, Chief Nemangwe said: “When Sibongile (Mathuthu)’s pregnancy became pronounced and when her husband’s relatives questioned her, she initially announced that it was her sick husband who had impregnated her.

“When suspicions got the better of them they asked Joseph if he was the one responsible for the pregnancy and he disputed it. As a result Sibongile later confessed that it was indeed Patrick who was responsible for the pregnancy”.

Chief Nemangwe said when the family asked Joseph what action was supposed to be taken against the two — Patrick and Sibongile — they were shocked when  he (Joseph)  told them that there was nothing wrong since his son was the one who was looking after him and that they shared the same blood.

“During the court proceedings the two courted the wrath of the family and villagers when they openly declared that they were madly in love and nothing would separate them,” said Chief Nemangwe.

“I know people are saying that what we did is wrong as we were supposed to control our feelings but when you are hit by a love so consuming you are willing to give up everything for it and you have also to fight for it,” Mathuthu was quoted by Chief Nemangwe as having said.

Chief Nemangwe who lamented the situation describing it as the “worst abomination” said the two disappeared from the village to an unknown destination after their family and villagers started threatening them with unspecified action. – B-Metro