Grateful for the heartbreak

When a guy breaks your heart the last thing you think is to be grateful. The feeling usually comes after a couple of months of introspection. All of sudden you realise that he was your downfall and you’re much better off without him.

He was just a placeholder

At some point in life we all have to kiss a couple of frogs before meeting our prince charming, and after a breakup you realise your ex was also just one of those frogs. Whilst you and your soulmate were working on yourselves to be the ‘perfect’ partners, you needed someone to preoccupy you for a certain time.

Revelation period

If your ex was a manipulator, chances are he tried everything in his power to blame you for his actions, and you believed him. But now that you’re wiser  and you’ve seen better from your current man, you realise your ex was just playing you.

It was him, not you

Remember the times when you were told you’re too sensitive and crazy? No it wasn’t you, it was all on him. Chances are he had never been with a strong woman like you so his only coping mechanism was to make you believe that there’s something wrong with you.

Total opposites

The thought that you even tried to make it work with him baffles you because you were like water and oil. So no matter how much you could have tried, you still weren’t going to make it.

You regret the sex

Even though the sex was good when you bump into an ex, everything about him puts you off, including the things you used to love.  Usually, you’ll regret why you gave him the privilede to see and touch your body.