We live busy lives and putting time aside for sex is almost impossible for some couples. Juggling work, family, friends and a relationship can get overwhelming. This also weighs your sex life down. For a more fulfilling sex life you need to find and maintain a much more happier, well rested and healthier you.

Smart gadgets

The Science daily conducted a study consisting of 453 adults in the United States and 46.3% of them agree that their partners usage of their phones is negatively affecting their relationship. Other couples even consider smart phones as ‘third wheels’ in their relationships due to constantly having to compete for attention.

Side effects from medication

According to research, medication such as antidepressants and birth control may reduce your libido. Senior staff physician at Henry Ford hospital based in U.S.A Raymond Hobbs suggests that if you suspect that your lack of sexual desire has anything to do with your medication, discuss it with your doctor and ask to be given alternative medication, also add in exercise to your daily routine.


Worrying naturally isn’t good for any aspect of your life, sex included. Having a lot of things on your mind is enough to put you off intimacy. The stress doesn’t only have to be relationship based for your sex life to suffer. You could be stressing about your job, family or friends; regardless of the reason, you need to discuss it with your partner.

You’re dehydrated

Research published on the Journal of Sexual medicine links low sex drive with lack of water intake. The article suggests that when your partner wants to be intimate and you can’t seem to get yourself in the mood, try drinking a glass of water to see if you can see any change in sexual desire.