You’re stressed

Any kind of stress can cause a drop in your libido, even if it seems unrelated to your relationship. Whether you’re swamped at work or juggling commitments at home, it’s pretty impossible to be in the mood for sex. Take 20 minutes out of the multitasking marathon of life for some private time with your partner.

Lack of intimacy

If your relationship lacks emotional intimacy, you may withdraw sexually. Most Women need to feel connected to their partner before they’ll engage in touching, hugging, kissing, which then and only then, leads to actual sex. But for men, it’s the reverse. It’s the act of having sex that makes them feel connected, which can then lead to touching, hugging, and other acts of affection.

You’re obsessed with your weight

Research shows that weight issues can trigger a lack of sexual desire and difficulties with sexual performance. Worrying about how your body flaws can have a negative effect on your sex life and even arousal. If you don’t feel sexy and you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to want to take your clothes off. A good dose of body positivity may be all you need.

You experience vaginal pain

When sex doesn’t feel good, you by all means avoid it because you scared of feeling pain. Pain and discomfort during sex may be caused by just that you’re not getting enough foreplay before intercourse or it could be something deeper. Sex should always be pleasurable and if it not that is obviously going to cause a decrease in libido. Seek help with a sexologist, or your GP.

You skip exercise

Besides easing stress and boosting mood, exercise increases blood flow to your lady parts and stimulates feel-good hormones, allowing you to get turned on more quickly and easily with heightened sensation. Move your body for at least 30 minutes a day, bonus if it’s just before sex. And if you can work out together with your partner, even better!