Your love story

There’s no better subject than the subject of you two! Pillow talk is a good time to talk about how you met, your feelings toward one another, your first impressions of each other and what you were each thinking during that time. Going down memory lane is always fun.

Your future together

Right after sex, you’re more open to honesty about how you feel. Are you curious about what your partner thinks of when he thinks of your future? Ask him and find out! This is a really good time for questions like that. You can share what sort of future you want to have together. But remember, don’t be pushy or overwhelming because that is not what pillow talk is about.

What you liked and felt so good

If you want pillow talk to be intimate and productive, start by discussing what you liked or what you wanted more of. Going through the details of what you did and praising each other is an excellent way to make the next time even better. It might also help to get you both ready for the second round.

Fun things you’d do together

It’s fun to talk about things you’d like to do together. You can make plans and think of activities for future dates. It’s a good time to find out what interests you have in common. Even if you’ve been together for years, you can always learn something new about each other. We’re always changing as individuals so it makes sense that we should always be open about talking about our interests.