Zimbabweans must condemn armed riot police – MDC-A

Nelson Chamisa and Fadzayi Mahere

MDC spokesperson Fadzai Mahere has urged Zimbabweans to condemn armed riot police who allegedly besieged incarcerated journalist Hopewell Chin’ono’s lawyer’s office Beatrice Mtetwa.

“Every progressive Zimbabwean must condemn the act of police circling the offices of Beatrice Mtetwa in an attempt to intimidate her because she’s representing Hopewell.

We object to a society where lawyer are persecuted for doing their job. #ZimbabweanLivesMatter,” reads Mahere’s tweet

Meanwhile, police in full riot gear yesterday besieged the offices of human rights lawyer and activist Mtetwa in Harare twice in a show of force, in what observers said was meant to intimidate the lawyers fighting the case of incarcerated journalist Chin’ono

Source – Byo24