Zimbabwe main opposition leader praised doctor who claims he is killing politicians in hospitals

Nelson Chamisa

A PROMINENT medical doctor who has attended to some of Zimbabwe’s prominent COVID-19 patients has gone into hiding after suggesting on social media that he and others were “finishing off” politicians in hospitals, before dramatically deleting the social media account.

MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa last week praised the same doctor as a “legend” and “heroe” of the people of Zimbabwe, and said the two would meet face to face (see images below).

Government officials have expressed great displeasure at the doctor’s distasteful remarks and vowed to track the individual down and have him answer for the apparently unethical and criminal conduct.

The said medical doctor apparently attended to prominent entrepreneur Kudakwashe Musasiwa who was in ICU with a COVID-19 infection weeks ago.

Musasiwa says his life was saved by the same medical doctor

Musasiwa, who has since recovered and is out of danger for now, thanked the same doctor for saving his life and that of many other patients.

Opposition MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa apparently “knows” the said medical doctor on Twitter and last week sent him a birthday congratulatory tweet. Chamisa said the doctor was a legend and heroes of the people of Zimbabwe. The opposition leader said he hoped to meet the medical doctor in person soon.

Chamisa praised the medical doctor on 18 January this year

The doctor goes by the Twitter handle DrJayTee87 AKA “Skilled Rebhara”, but his Twitter handle has since been deleted after government officials threatened to track him down.

A popular pro-Zimbabwe Twitter character known as Matigary promised that the medical doctor might run but he won’t hide and authorities will soon smoke him out.

“As I said, we’ll find @drjaytee87 AKA “skilled rebhara”, and he shall be dealt with to the fullest extent of what is possible. He will practice in Afghanistan if he is lucky.

“Kana kangoma koririsa kava pedyo nekubvaruka. Kumagumo kune nyaya. It’ll be like a tonne of bricks,” Matigary said.

“So this nincompoop decided to deactivate his account after demonstrating extremely unethical conduct on social media?

“We will hunt him down and find him. When we are done with him, he will only practice medicine in Afghanistan if he is lucky.”

His Twitter account has been deleted after threats of arrest

Earlier on, Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana suggested there was an “unfortunate” theory that professional doctors who are also political activists were finishing off politicians in hospitals.

Zimbabwe this past week lost three Ministers, two of them Cabinet members, from COVID-19 complications. Foreign Affairs Minister Sibusiso Busi Moyo, Transport Minister Joel Biggie Matiza and Manicaland Minister of State Dr. Ellen Gwaradzimba succumbed to COVID-19.

A number of former Ministers, top Zanu-PF bigwigs and other eminent citizens and business leaders have been especially afflicted by the second wave of COVID-19, which has also not spared the general populace.

But an expert who spoke to the Zimbabwe Voice said the rate at which top Government officials have been infected or dying is abnormally not proportional to the country’s population dynamics.

“Assuming Zimbabwe has 15 million people, 200 of whom are current and former Ministers, one can see that the ratio is 1 former or current Minister per every 75,000 people,” said the expert.

“In simple terms, it means one expects a single Minister to die per every 75,000 COVID-19 deaths in Zimbabwe, but look at the rate top officials have been dying. This is just not on.”

In response, Nick Mangwana said he had made a follow-up on the matter regarding theories which suggest that some doctors were killing off politicians.

“I followed that. This is what’s leading to the unfortunate conspiracy theory that there are certain political players being eliminated in hospitals by political activists hiding behind medical qualifications.”

While some dismissed Mangwana’s claims, some said it was possible hence the need to take action.

Mangwana said the “purported doctors brought it up. Not me. Others connected the dots, I amplified.” –– Zimbabwe Voice 🔺

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