Zimbabwe main opposition leader on plots for final push to topple Mnangagwa

This time around, it will not be from individual opposition parties, but it will be from African citizens and their own citizens in their own countries.”

Zanu-PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo dismissed Khumalo as a dreamer who was unfit to lead the country.

“As a party, we believe in the rule of law, not lawlessness and anarchy. If that’s what she is encouraging, she can as well leave politics to those who mean well to the people of this country. We are not going to be led by a dreamer,” he said.

Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi said government would deal with “anarchists” and those working to destabilise the country through whatever means.

“A civic movement or a civic society demonstration must have roots in the whole population of Zimbabwe. If it is being originated or sponsored or promoted by certain power-hungry people who are calling themselves presidents when they are not presidents, who have unbridled ambitions without grassroot support, it remains a futile exercise, it remains a non-event, and it remains a nullity,” he said.

“We need to realise that government is not a child play. If anyone wants to take the law into their own hands, and engage in violent activities to disturb government, the law will take its course. Even if they are leaders of political parties or whatever, the law will be applied. My only advice is this is the last warning and we are working tirelessly to ensure government is not disturbed throughout its five-year mandate.”

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said they had not heard any plot to that effect and, therefore, could not comment.

Political analyst Ibbo Mandaza said Zimbabwe was crying out loud for change.

“It is back to the drawing board. That is why we are talking about a national dialogue and my position has always been about a national transitional authority,” he said.

“The current establishment has no capacity to turn things around. The last election was invalid and there is need for a return to constitutionality and political, electoral and economic reforms before the next elections.”

Mandaza said the proposed National Convergence Platform (NCP) would be launched on December 13 in Harare.

Zimbabwe Council of Churches programmes manager Tinashe Gumbo said they were consulting stakeholders in Chinhoyi, Marondera, Bindura and Harare ahead of the NCP signing ceremony.

Source – newsday