Zimbabwe elections results LIVE update: Presidential result DELAYED 24 HRS Chamisa ‘LEADS’

The first parliamentary results trickled in this morning and put Emmerson Mnangagwa in the lead to win the landmark election in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) reported in its preliminary results that Mr Mnangagwa’s party has won the majority seats in parliament, showing he picked up 109 seats against 41 for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Mr Mnangagwa swept up votes in rural constituencies by huge margins. Mr Chamisa has won most urban centres.

Mr Chamisa is a 40-year-old pastor and lawyer and if he wins he will be the youngest candidate elected to the head of state in Zimbabwe.

He has already declared he’s won the popular vote and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is preparing the country to accept “fake presidential results”.

The 40-year-old lawyer and pastor tweeted: “Zec seeks to release results to buy time & reverse the people’s presidential election victory.

“The strategy is meant to prepare Zim mentally to accept fake presidential results. We’ve more votes than ED (Emmerson Dambudzo). We won the popular vote & will defend it!”

Mr Mnangagwa took over the ZANU-PF party after ousting Robert Mugabe in a bloodless coup in November.

As results have yet to be officially announced by the ZEC sources counting the ballots have said it is “close”.

if neither candidate is able to secure more than 50 percent of the vote then there will a run-off election on September 8.

3.30pm: One person shot dead in Harare

Zimbabwean soldiers have shot a person dead on the streets of Harare.

Automatic gunfire has been heard all afternoon as troops attempt to disperse protestors.

2:52pm update: Army is seen on the streets

The Zimbabwe army has been seen trying to dispell protesters.

Shots continued to be reported as crowds scatter.

2:37pm update: Protests have become violent

Armored vehicles have appeared on the streets in Harare.

Zimbabwean soldiers appeared on streets of Harare on Wednesday, jumping out of several armoured vehicles to disperse opposition supporters after they clashed with police, footage broadcast by eNCA television showed.

Automatic gunfire has also been heard and an army helicopter has been spotted in the skies.

Images show protesters carrying sticks and rocks and starting fires.

Fires are being set across the capital

Fires are being set across the capital (Image: REUTERS)

2:21pm update: Injuries reported 

@AldrinSampear, a journalist for South African news agency eNCA has said there are injuries from the protests in Harare.

He tweeted: “#InZimHarare a couple people have been injured from the rubber bullet shots. Teargas also fired into the protesting crowds.”

2:18pm update: Mnangagwa calls for peace

The ZANU-PF leader tweeted: “At this crucial time, I call on everyone to desist from provocative declarations and statements. We must all demonstrate patience and maturity, and act in a way that puts our people and their safety first. Now is the time for responsibility and above all, peace.”

2:15pm update: Shots fired in Harare

Shots have been fired near protests against the election results in Harare.

Protesters are seen armed with rocks and sticks

Protesters are seen armed with rocks and sticks (Image: REUTERS)

2:07pm update: Protests escalate in Harare

Police fire tear gas to disperse stone-throwing opposition supporters.

It is also reported they have fired water cannons.

Supporters of Chamisa’s MDC party have blocked streets and burned tyres.

1:53pm update: Official announced is delayed until Thursday

The ZEC said it now expected to start announcing presidential election results from Thursday because there were allegations of disputes around tallies that were posted outside polling stations.

The main opposition and ZESN, the main domestic election monitor, had on Tuesday said one in five polling stations – more than 2,000 in all – had not physically posted tallies on their doors, as required by law.

ZEC Chairwoman Priscilla Chigumba said: “It depends with whether those who disagree with something would like to use legal remedies but sometime tomorrow we should be able to advise you what time we can, if any, start announcing the presidential election results.”

1:44pm update: Chamisa declares victory

The MDC leader tweeted: “THANK YOU ZIMBABWE …I’m humbled by the support you have given to me as a Presidential Candidate. We have won the popular vote. You voted for total Change in this past election!

“We have won this one together. No amount of results manipulation will alter your WILL.”

The ZEC has not announced the official results.




Protesters burning a Mnangagwa banner

Protesters burning a Mnangagwa banner (Image: REUTERS)

Armoured vehicles have appeared on the streets of Harare

Armoured vehicles have appeared on the streets of Harare (Image: SKY TV)

1:31pm update: ZEC still verifying results

The chairwoman of the ZEC has said the announcement of the presidential election result depends on how fast parties can verify results posted outside of polling stations.

1:25pm update: MDC supporters demand results

Live images from Harare show MDC supporters taking to the streets with noise-makers, flags and banners.

So far there have been no reports of violence despite vandalism and fires being started in the streets.

MDC supporters have ripped down a Mnangagwa billboard.

Protesters have been reported to chanting: “No way that ZANU-PF can return to govern Zimbabwe” and “We are going to defend our victory”

Nelson Chamisa has already declared a victory

Nelson Chamisa has already declared a victory (Image: GETTY)

1:15pm update: Unrest in Harare

Reports of frustration from citizens in Harare as results have not been announced.

Mr Chamisa’s biggest support base is the capital.

Mr Mnangagwa’s support has come from the rural areas.

1:04pm update: Street fires have started

Protests are evolving as fires appear to have been deliberately started in Harare.

Citizens of the capital are growing for anxious and are complaining about the results being delayed.

12:50 pm update: ZANU-PF wins two-thirds majority in Parliament

The ruling party has secured two-thirds majority in parliament.

This allows ZANU-PF to change the constitution.

ZANU-PF was Mr Mugabe’s former party.

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