ZAPU blasts ‘primitive’ Muchinguri

Zapu has rapped Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri, Zimbabwe’s minister of defence over her claims that the coronavirus that has seriously affected parts of the western nations as a punishment from God for their imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Muchinguri celebrated the death of the western people due to coronavirus when he addressed a gathering over the weekend.

Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Thembani Maphosa said on behalf of the Zapu and indeed on behalf of all sane Zimbabweans, he dissociates all from  utterances made by  Muchinguri concerning #Covid-19.

“It is never the view or belief of any sane Zimbabwean that the disease is form of any punishment from any god for any reason. We wish the world know and understand that Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri is only but articulating the Zanu PF government’s general views of the world and is also representative of their policy of non cooperation and non conformation to what is standard coexistence with the world member countries,” he said.

“Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri is displaying the general state of Zanu PF minds, that of derangement, arrogance and ignorance that is often celebrated by them. We as sane Zimbabwe citizens join the world in the concerted efforts to fight this global pandemic.”

He said Zapu urges the people of Zimbabwe to follow all precautionary measures to combat the spread of the disease causing virus.

“These include practising high degree of personal hygiene, avoid unnecessary travel especially to hotspot areas around the world, avoid unnecessary or risky mass gatherings, self isolation or quarantining when suspicious of infection or when one shows symptoms, seeking urgent testing and treatment when suspicious or affected,” he said.

“In the same breath, we once again advise the government of Zimbabwe to suspend immediately all public gatherings that include sporting events, the independence celebrations in Bulawayo and Zimbabwe International Trade Fair also in Bulawayo. We advise suspension of church services and gatherings especially for the coming Easter season. We urge our people using public transport, especially Zupco buses to be weary of their surrounding environment in those buses and where possible avoid overcrowded buses.”

Maphosa said the government must ban all travel abroad and also quarantine all returning and incoming visitors for 14-21 days.

Source – Byo24