Zanu-PF Youth League Backs Acie Lumumba, Calls On Govt To Investigate Accusations

Acie Lumumba

Harare – The Zanu PF youth league has urged President Emmerson Manangagwa’s government to act, after newly appointed chairman of the communications taskforce in the Ministry of Finance, Acie Lumumba accused senior Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) officials of corruption.

In  a Facebook Live video on Sunday night Lumumba  accused RBZ senior officials Norman Mataruka, Azvinandaa Saburi, Mirirai Chiremba, Gresham Murazikwa  and Sakunda Holdings Group chief executive Kudakwashe Tagwirei of corruption calling them members of a cartel headed by a mysterious “Queen B.”

A statement released on Monday  by Zanu PF secretary for the youth League, Pupurai Togarepi said government must investigate Lumumba’s accusations.

“The Zanu PF youth league has noted corruption allegations against some senior officials at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

While Lumumba is within his democratic right to accuse senior RBZ officials of graft, as the Youth League we are urging the authorities to investigate the cases.  

“Government has the means and the technical expertise to launch full throttle investigations using its security apparatus. As the cases are being investigated we want to also urge the nation to remain vigilant and allow due process to take its course because one remains innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law.

“We will never condone corruption and the President His Excellency Cde ED Mnangagwa has vowed to fight corruption in the Second Republic.

“We as the youth league stand with the President in the fight against corruption which has become a serious security threat.”

The statement also stated that “The President has already indicated that corruption is being treated as a serious security threat which requires a different response so that we get back to clean, productive and disciplined economic activity operating within the norms and rules of the market,”

Lumumba alleges that the RBZ officials were part of a major criminal conspiracy which had hampered any attempts by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube to fix the economy.

“Five RBZ directors have made Mthuli’s life impossible, I will not allow that. This country is being run by a cartel and Minister Ncube is going to break that cartel,” Lumumba said.