Zanu PF says it’s not its objective to strengthen the opposition

ZANU-PF has reiterated that its power is derived from the people in the structures countrywide and any power change in Zimbabwe must come via the people expressing themselves in an election.

Speaking at the ruling party’s Youth League National Executive meeting held yesterday, Zanu-PF acting deputy secretary for youth affairs Tendai Chirau said it was not Zanu-PF’s objective to strengthen the opposition.

“As a Party, we do not have in our objectives a function of strengthening the opposition. Thus, as ZANU-PF. We are not in power in order to lose it for any reason whatsoever, but to ensure that we keep it forever. It is our right,” Chirau told the Zanu-PF youth executives yesterday.

He added that the youths were ready to protect peace loving citizens against any disruptive, senseless violence and injury caused by violence mongers.

“As principled youth leaders, we stand avowed to protect the nation against any form or colour of lawlessness. The ZANU-PF Youth League shall not tolerate, under whatever circumstances, any path to political power in Zimbabwe which by-passes lawful expression of the of the majority voice and will, and this was emphatically demonstrated by ZANU PF’s electoral victory in 2018.

“We therefore, register our preparedness to stand in resolute defence of legitimate national interests – in defence of innocent patriots – against any disruptive, senseless violence and injury.”

Chirau emphasized the need for unity and focus among the youths leaders as the country heads into the 2023 general elections and said as far as the youths were concerned, thier Presidential candidate is President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Comrades, let us therefore continue mobilizing people in the name of the Party, so that the people and the Party become one. Let me also state categorically and unequivocally the ZANU-PF Youth League position that His Excellency, the President and First Secretary of ZANU-PF, Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde ED Mnangagwa is our sole Party Presidential candidate for 2023, uncontested within the Party as far as we are concerned.

“We therefore do in all reverence; pledge our unreserved fealty to our father in the revolution.”

Chirau said because victory comes from the people, the youths must not stop recruiting more members using various digital tools and traditional means available to them.

“Just as a fish cannot survive outside water, I wish to re-emphasise our very important relationship as ZANU-PF Youth League, with young people from all walks of life, from every corner and breadth of the country, who form our grassroots support base, and from whom we derive our mandate to lead.

“It need not be over-emphasised that we should not rest in consolidating, ring-fencing and expanding our youth membership base through accelerated and pragmatic youth empowerment.”

Chirau had started his remarks by acknowledging “the great work done by His Excellency, President Cde ED Mnangagwa and his administration thus far, in moving the country forward towards our desired destiny of a prosperous, empowered, upper middle-income economy by 2030.”

He said the “huge strides the government is taking in its trajectory towards comprehensive economic revival is highly encouraging, and in spite of all the challenges we are experiencing, including the Covid-19 pandemic, it remains quite evident that we are on track in terms of productivity and trade.”

“We have all witnessed how the “Pfumvudza” innovation in agriculture has been a game changer in terms of food security, and how the recently ended Transitional Stabilisation Programme has broken barriers for the nation to overturn budget deficits and lower national debt levels.

“The new dispensation has also significantly managed to reverse international isolation through prudent engagement and re-engagement, while enhancing public sector accountability through a robust anti-corruption drive,” said Chirau.

Economist Eddie Cross, a former opposition Senator, recently told an international news agency that in all his 60 years involvement in the local economy, the pace of economic stability and transformation witnessed in Zimbabwe in the past year alone was nothing short of an astounding miracle. – Zimbabwe Voice ■

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