‘Zanu PF is still struggling because of G40’ – Chinamasa

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa

ZANU PF acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamsa says the ruling party was still struggling to repair the “damage” caused by former party loyalists linked to the G40 faction.

The party is currently restructuring its once disbanded district coordinating committees (DDCs) across the country, but the move has caused more divisions within.

G40, once aligned to then President Robert Mugabe, had its leaders forced out of the party when the Zimbabwean military staged a shock coup against the now late leader 2017, immediately installing the now incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa, then Vice President who led his own party faction.

The two factions were fighting for control of the party during what was Mugabe’s much anticipated exit at the time.

Chinamasa, in an interview, admitted the party continued facing challenges after G40 ran the party to the ground.

“The most challenging thing is arising from the activities of the G40 cabal,” he told NewZimbabwe.com.

“We are not afraid of them but the damage they left within our party is something that we have to make a lot of effort to reconstruct and to address.

“The G40 cabal was keen on destroying the party structures. When you are an organisation, a voluntary organisation like we are, what makes us are our party structures, once they are destroyed, once your cells, your branches, your districts are destroyed, you will have no legs to stand on. That is the damage, the legacy that the G40 cabal left to Zanu PF,” he added.

Some former members of the G40 have fled into exile fearing arrest.

They include former ministers Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, Walter Mzembi, Patrick Zhuwao, Godfrey Gandawa, and Mandi Chimene.