‘Zanu PF govt on the brink of collapse’

ivil war has broken out at the very top of the Zanu PF Youth league, with heavyweight Godfrey Tsenengamu annoucing a vote of no confidence in Togarepi and Mtutu

Patrick Zhuwawo, a nephew to the late former President Robert Mugabe, has warned Zimbabweans to be careful not to be used (kuitiswa) again this February.

Zhuwawo issued the warning following a press conference addressed by senior ZANU PF Youth League leaders, Lewis Matutu and Godfrey Tsenengamu in Harare on Monday afternoon.

The duo gave the names of several individuals they said were cartel kingpins who are at the centre of the country’s economic problems.

Zhuwawo opined that Matutu and Tsenengamu were announcing the creation of a new movement to rival the Emmerson Mnangagwa ZANU PF party and government for failing to tackle corruption.

The fact that two, who hold positions in the ZANU PF politburo and Central Committee addressed the media at the Media Centre rather than at the party’s headquarters, and their stated readiness to leave ZANU PF indicates that a new formation has been created which will lead to the party’s implosion, asserted Zhuwawo.

The exiled former cabinet minister holds the view that Zimbabweans were used in November 2017 to sanitise a military coup and are about to be used again this month.

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