Welshman Ncube speaks on Mnangagwa’s government

MDC Alliance spokesperson Professor Welshman Ncube

MDC Vice President Professor Welshman Ncube says the current Zimbabwean government is poised for failure and anyone pinning their hopes on it will be disappointed.

“Is there still anyone who still believes that Zimbabwe has a chance of being turned around by this coup government when most of the country has no electricity supply from 4am to 10pm every day, no water in some cities for days, no fuel month after month, no money  unbuyable basics?” Prof Ncube said.

Ncube’s statements come at a time when Zimbabwe is expecting the highest level of inflation since the November 2017 bloody coup that toppled President Robert Mugabe.  Fuel has become scarce and the country has a cash shortage.

Losing Presidential candidate Dr Daniel Shumba said, “It’s clear to all including the Zanu PF regime it’s self, that the centre can no longer hold. With a plan and vision, the Zanu PF regime will continue to run like a headless chicken. Constitutionalism, rule of law, corruption and cronyism are at the core of our challenges. Enough!”

Motivational speaker Jonah Nyoni commented that “It’s like expecting amatsotsi, amasela and oguluva, to fix the country. Our formula has failed us for 39 years, I don’t think it will work now.”