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Welshman Ncube condemns imposition of unpopular candidates

Professor Welshman Ncube
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A report claims that MDC’s loss in the Bulawayo Ward 28 by-election has exposed deep division within the movement.

The party endorsed Alderman Collet Ndhlovu as its candidate while he was deeply unpopular with the residents of Cowdray Park. He lost the vote, not only to the ZANU PF candidate Kidwell Mujuru but also to Nomagugu Mloyi who was expelled from the party for insubordination.

The Chronicle claims to be privy to a WhatsApp group chat that involved party co-vice president Welshman Ncube. As the fallout from the defeat continues, Ncube is quoted saying:

Until we vaccinate ourselves from the madness of chicanery and imposing deeply unpopular candidates on factional considerations in brazen violation of rules, we will not get far.

As national leadership we couldn’t even go there to assist the candidate because of the nonsense of telling us that our candidate was Collet whom we all knew was intensely hated by residents of Cowdray Park but clowns elevated beyond chickens brains screamed and shouted at everyone who dared tell the truth.

Regrettably, we won’t even learn the correct lessons from this fiasco. We will, however, stop the rot. Period. Watch the space.

Source: Pindula