Video: “I Don’t Vote.” Thomas Mapfumo On This Year’s Elections

Thomas Mapfumo

One of Zimbabwe’s oldest and most popular musicians, Thomas Mapfumo hs said that he does not vote.

The musician, who came to Zimbabwe several days ago after years in exile, said that he does not support any political party. He was speaking during a Star FM Radio programme hosted by Phathisani Sibanda and KVG.

“I am a people’s person. I don’t have a party I support. I don’t vote. I vote for God. But I want politicians to do good for the people.

Whoever can do good things for the people, it doesn’t matter where they have come from. They are the one we want as a leader. We have found him. Do you understand? That’s why we are saying is Africa can unite, corruption will be limited…”

Mapfumo’s message is contrary to a campaign by civil society organizations, government, and political parties these past several months, who have been encouraging Zimbabweans to register to vote.

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