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Two out of three Zanu-PF MPs are against Mnangagwa – Mutinhiri as he meets Mugabe

NFP leader Ambrose Mutinhiri
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Retired Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri who has been revealed as the founding leader of the New Patriotic Front (NPF) has claimed that former President Robert Mugabe would have faced a “kangaroo” impeachment process if he did not resign in November 2017 following the military takeover by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

Mutinhiri went on to claim that the impeachment process was doomed to fail because 50 Zanu-PF legislators were going to vote against it.

He also claimed that the majority of Zanu-PF members, at least two-thirds, are against the President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new administration and support the NPF. In a statement, the NPF said:

Cde Mutinhiri informed President Mugabe that consultations to form the NPF started on 19 November 2017 after the illegal meeting of the Zanu PF Central Committee that purported to recall President Mugabe from his position as President and First Secretary of Zanu PF and which unlawfully “ordered” him to resign as Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces failure of which he would be subjected to a Kangaroo impeachment process in flagrant violation of the constitution of Zanu PF constitution and the Constitution of Zimbabwe. Cde Mutinhiri told President Mugabe that he is proud that he did not attend the illegal Zanu PF Central Committee on 19 November 2017 nor the attempted illegal “impeachment” sitting of Parliament on 21 November 2017. In that vein, Cde Mutinhiri revealed to President Mugabe that the ill-fated impeachment motion would not have passed in the two-thirds vote-threshold by secret ballot because at least 50 ZANU PF MPs had secretly caucused to vote against it.

On the prospects of NPF, Cde Mutinhiri told President Mugabe following extensive consultations that have been going on since 19 November 2017, he can say with absolute certainty that out of every three Zanu PF members; at least two are solid NPF while the remainder are still hedging their bets, waiting to see where the wind is blowing.

Mutinhiri who recently quit Zanu-PF arguing that he cannot be part of a coup government.  He is the presidential candidate for the NPF.