Technocrats must not only have technical ability, but courage to lead as well – Noah Manyika

Dr Noah Manyika

Build Zimbabwe Alliance leader Dr Noah Manyika has challenged technocrats appointed in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new cabinet to have the courage to push through their solutions in order to solve the country’s problems.

Manyika emphasised that technical skills without any courage do not mean much when it comes to public policy. Writing on his Facebook page, Manyika said.

Technocrats must remember that effective public policy deals with moving targets and that the problems they are trying to solve will also fire back at them. The challenges our nation faces will require problem solvers to be people of courage who can fight for what they believe.

They must be able to deal with the fact that their optimum solutions will encounter people whose choices are not always based on ultimate rationality.

They must be able to balance the fact that the same people who desperately need jobs are the ones who survive on the cheap imports that kill our capacity to create jobs.

In short, our technocrats must not just have the technical ability to solve problems. They must be able to lead.

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