‘Robert Mugabe did not die an MDC member’

Robert Mugabe

National Patriotic Front Spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire says the late former Zimbabwean strongman Robert Gabriel Mugabe did not die more of an MDC member as alleged by Senior MDC officials.

Says Mawarire, “This President Mugabe died more an MDC member narrative is both false and mischievous. If a traveller in a desert, due to extreme thirst and water scarcity, is forced to drink his own urine, does that make urine his favourite beverage?”

Mawarire adds that during the presser that was held day before the 2018 elections.

“I organised the presser where President Mugabe announced that he wasn’t going to vote for his tormentors. I was fully briefed about the objective and the pragmatism informing the decision, it was NEVER about him being an MDC member.

“President Mugabe wasn’t the only one who found himself in the ideological quandary and the attendant cognitive dissonance that came with the then politically pragmatic decision. Many voted Chamisa for Pres but didn’t vote MDC MPs, that’s why he polled more than his MPs.”

Mawarire further says a lot of people voted for Chamisa but did not vote for his MPs and that did not make them MDC members.

“A lot of Mugabe supporters voted Chamisa for President but didn’t vote for his MDC MP candidates, is that being MDC members? I know people would want to ride on the old man’s death for political expediency but branding him MDC is disrespecting what he believed and stood for.”

Source – Byo24