Outcry as ZEC excludes MDC Alliance in the consultative meetings

Willias Madzimure

HARARE – MDC Alliance’s Willias Madzimure was Wednesday barred from attending a Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) provincial political parties’ consultative meeting in Harare.

The development came a few hours after correspondence between ZEC officials Majefure Sunduza and Jane Chigidi was leaked.

Sunduza’s letter to Chigidi sought clarification on how to deal with MDC Alliance in the event they attended the meetings considering it had not only sent them to court but also “powers that be” were silent.

“Now that we have started planning for stakeholder engagement, what is our position on MDC Alliance?” reads Sunduza’s letter.

“We are aware that they have taken us to court and the courts do not recognise them. However, in the absence of a prompt response from the powers that be, we will not invite MDC Alliance to our provincial stakeholders meetings. As always, your timely assistance is appreciated.”

MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the letter was evidence the election management body was not as independent as it sought to prove and being influenced to destroy their party.

“Hon. Madzimure of the MDC Alliance has been barred from ZEC’s provincial consultative meeting for political parties which is scheduled for tomorrow in Harare. ZEC has an obligation to consult all stakeholders and to be independent,” said the MDC Alliance on Twitter.

Mahere added: “We reiterate our call for electoral reform and constitutional conduct on the part of ZEC,” said Mahere.

“We decry partisan conduct that serves the interests of the regime in Harare. The only explanation for this unusual conduct by ZEC is that they are being unconstitutionally influenced to try and decimate the main opposition to serve the interests of a few elites. The people will not allow this to happen.”

MDC Alliance, Zimbabwe’s main opposition party has been on record questioning why ZEC does not respond to its issues, especially to do with election stakeholders. – Newzim