Nkosana Moyo to do well in 2023 elections

Dr Nkosana Moyo

Alliance for the People’s Agend (APA) has claimed that its leader Nkosana Moyo is likely to get more votes in the 2023 election considering the fact that in the shortest period he campaigned ahead of 2018 elections he got 15 000 votes.

In a Facebook wall post, APA said during the 2018 election campaign Moyo traversed the whole country on a low noise high value campaign.

“He listened and shared ideas with all citizens he met. He did not preach. He discussed issues with citizens as all genuine and authentic democrats should do. No citizen’s is too small to be heard. Every citizen deserves to be heard and dignified, not talked down to,” reads the post.

“Through this humble campaign of interactive dialogue Dr Moyo convinced 15000 voters to vote for him. In 2023 these will be substantially more if each of the 15000 keep convincing their family and friends. From these 15000 and other citizens APA will have more aspirants for office to support our pioneering team of candidates. Real change is within our hands. Let us grasp it! Let us come together and #FixTheFoundations.”

Source – Byo24