Ngarivhume outstrips Tendai Bit as the US favoured Presidential hopeful

Jacob Ngarivhume

The US Embassy in Harare is warming up to the Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume as evidenced by a token of appreciation they gave him for his stance against the Government.

A source privy to the details confided in this publication that the US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Andrew Nichols recently invited Ngarivhume to the Embassy and gave him a token of appreciation for his ‘heroic and brave’ stance against the Government.

“Nichols gave Ngarivhume a token of appreciation for his heroic and brave stance against the Government. Ngarivhume was told that the US had faith in him as an opposition leader and they would financially support his political endeavors during the 2023 elections,” said the source.

According to analysts, the development was an indication that the US had endorsed Ngarivhume as the face of opposition ahead of the MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa.

The source said Nichols also thanked Ngarivhume for being the voice of the opposition at a time Chamisa was silent and failing to give political direction to thousands of his followers.

“Nichols thanked Ngarivhume for keeping the opposition spirit alive at a time Chamisa was surprisingly silent. He urged Ngarivhume to join hands with other brave and vibrant opposition leaders such as Job Sikhala, Tendai Biti and Makomborero Haruzivishe to form a formidable force that would give the ruling party sleepless nights,” added the source.

The source revealed that the US Embassy was currently weighing to see who might be a better horse between Ngarivhume and Tendai Biti who is believed to be leading a faction opposed to Chamisa’s leadership of the MDC Alliance.

Meanwhile, Chamisa is reportedly not amused by Ngarivhume’s growing relationship with the US Embassy and has accused his finance department of being inept as Ngarivhume continues to receive some financial grants from the US Embassy, while the MDC Alliance coffers remain dry.

Ngarivhume opted out of the MDC Alliance following Chamisa’s defeat in 2018 and has given a strong hint that he would go it alone in 2023 as he fancies his electoral chances against Chamisa.

Source – Online