New Political Party launched in Zimbabwe

Freshman Rodger Gwasira

A new political party, the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) was launched in Harare on Monday.

The leader of the party, Freshman Rodger Gwasira, said they seek to create an environment conducive for all Zimbabweans to prosper including those in the diaspora.

Said Gwasira: “We believe that we can make our own environment worthwhile. As Zimbabweans, we have no other place on earth that we can alternatively or substitute with our own Zimbabwean soil.

Our focus is the youth of Zimbabwe, both inland and those who are scattered in the four corners of the world (in the diaspora).

Gwasira, who is 40, urged the youth to participate in politics at the national and local levels as well as to take agriculture seriously.

He said: “We will be able to do this when we are in the places and positions that matter: in local councils, parliament, ministerial, politburo, and praesidium.

It’s not only voting that matters. It is also in taking part, run for your community.

As Youth let us understand that life of every living thing emerged and its subsistence is from the ground.

Let’s take agriculture seriously, before we have A1 and A2 farms, we should make use of what we have.

Let’s cultivate our village lands, keep some livestock and make use of ancestry lands that we have already.

Remember, we have to start from somewhere, in order to get somewhere. We, therefore, urge all the Youth to take seriously the utilisation of land – for this will forever remain indebted to our freedom fighters.

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