Mzembi recovers the mojo as political vacuum beckons

“Zimbabweans cry for a new visionary as Mzembi regains his lost mojo”

The word mojo is derived from a native African language and relates to a source of vigor, energy, admiration potency. It is derived from other words bewitchery, diablerie, enchantment, sorcery, thaumaturgy, voodooism, wizardy. The current political settings creates a serious vacuum leading to political quandary and depicts national discourse.

In a middle of a crisis where political parties have deviated from the real challenges affecting the masses, political voices have called for the former Tourism and Foreign Affairs Minister to throw his name in the political ring. Former Masvingo South legislator declared a political sabbatical in December 2017 which he did not come out fully except for the odd criticism aimed at deteriorating situation which he publicly blames Zanu PF for deceiving Zimbabweans into un- constitutionalism in November 2017 by selling them a new dispensation decoy.

This has attracted the attention of media pundits and the public who have clearly thrown him back into ring as one of the bright prospects to tackle the perennial Zimbabwe problem based on his meritorious record in the executive under the first republic where he outshone most his colleagues as an achiever and focused technocrat minister. Well respected academic and former Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister, Dr Walter Mzembi is a deferred potential Presidential aspirant who could change the Zimbabwe political landscape if given chance to bounce back in the mainstream politics.

Studying from a distance the former Foreign Affairs Minister has clearly calibrated his re-entry into politics and may not be in a hurry to get into the mainstream politics. During Mugabe era, he is one of the few respected ministers who performed well. Mzembi may tactfully be avoiding direct confrontation with Emmerson Mnangagwa preferring to work his way back into mainstream politics through a corporate rebranding route, exactly the same way he entered politics from business two decades ago, and remaining largely  technocratic in his approach to politics throughout his tenure in both government and his party.

Mzembi, he altered the political landscape regressively, the gun now leads politics, and it’s a curse we have to cure going forward. Within the G40 formation, he looks more strategic and acceptable within political formations.

Mzembi a calculative politician, has avoided responding to media taunts, cheap and personal pot shots at his person which has obviously been a project for deliberate besmirching by his enemies in the current administration. After a near successful run for the post of United World Tourism Organisation Secretary General for which he received a rare commendation from the then cabinet of Zimbabwe for excellent statesmanship and defense of brand Zimbabwe it was a cold blooded act of malice for the very same Government two months later to withdraw its goodwill and persecute him for his loyalty to the late President Robert Mugabe.

The last man standing before a detach military coup, Mzembi’s diplomatic skills have been tested to the limit even in his self-imposed political sabbatical but he has responded with an characteristic golden silence, only broken after nearly two years with another of his trade-mark diplomatic epistles urging dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Advocate Nelson Chamisa as the closet solution to resolving the current national crisis. It is a fact that Mzembi authored the current diplomatic policy approach he announced on the day current President Mnangagwa was fired from both his Government position as Vice President and party Vice President.

His successor , Rtd General Dr Sibusiso Moyo did not see the need to author his own policy approach preferring to adopt the Mzembi one, hook, line and sinker testimony to both men’s foresight in international relations. Mzembi a sober character with presidential qualities have taken a sober stance since his departure from mainstream politics following a military coup leading to Mugabe’s ouster. Mzembi commands a huge following from students, politicians across political divide, business community, judiciary and diplomatic relations.

Mzembi is simply responding to the public outcry to throw his name in the political ring as the vacuum beckons. Mbeki’s surprise appearance have left many wondering whether we still have an opposition or we have to wait for a third force in the Mzembi making. There is a louder call from the political spectrum for the respected academic and politician to throw his name in the political ring. This could be another headache for Mnangagwa who is battling to control the former liberation movement which has growing fissures within the party. Mzembi is widely respected across the political divide with many from the military ranks backing his candidature. Impeccable sources have further indicated that military intelligence would rather have a neutral in the Mzembi making whom they prefer for political and economic interests.

Alois Ndaramo is a political analyst who can be contacted at

Source – Alois Ndaramo