Muzorewa calls for new, not corrupted and uncompromising leadership

Gwinyai Muzorewa

President of an opposition party, the United African National Council (UANC) Gwinyai Muzorewa called on all Zimbabweans to unite, not just in dialogue.

The son of the last Rhodesian Prime Minister asserted that the country needs new, uncorrupted and uncompromised leadership. Said Muzorewa:

To forge a way out now is the time for all Zimbabwean stakeholders to unite, not just to dialogue. The dialogue in our particular case is merely being abused as a political filibuster.

The truth is that there can be no dialogue without decalogue. The nation is torn between winning by the bullet and winning by the ballot.

The UANC, in agreement with most citizens across party lines, contends that Zimbabwe needs new, uncorrupted and uncompromised leadership that will commit itself to place the welfare of the nation above everything else.

The Zanu PF government has failed to walk the talk, so it resorts to deception, being unreliable and inconsistent. For example, of late the government has admitted that the bond note does not wield equal value to the US dollar. Most Zimbabweans were aware of this when the bond note was shoved down the nation’s throat.

Muzorewa was addressing his party’s Harare provincial structures on Saturday.

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