Mudzuri Doubts Chamisa Can Deliver, Regrets Khupe’s Dismissal

MDC-T Vice President Elias Mudzuri has expressed doubt over the party’s leader Nelson Chamisa saying that the party followed public opinion in choosing the late founding party president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s successor.

Said Mudzuri

There is a lot I can say, but he is already there and we have to find a way of working with him and to see whether we can deliver the political goods. Opinions sometimes don’t matter about public office, it is the public that judges people. The only thing that I can say is he has reached 40 years.

That’s the age you are allowed to become a president. And we have to work to find if we get there. But if we don’t (win elections) that will be unfortunate, but people would have seen that maybe, that is when people revise what they would have done.

People never revise when they are in a certain mode. There is a saying by Confucius a great Chinese philosopher; ‘when the wind blows all the grass bends towards the wind’.

Mudzuri believes MDC-T should not have dismissed Thokozani Khupe and her allies stating that it was Tsvangirai’s wish for them to be united.

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