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Mnangagwa Urges Unity Among War Veterans Amidst Tensions Over Delayed Congress

Christopher Mutsvangwa
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Harare, Zimbabwe – President Emmerson Mnangagwa has issued a stern call for unity among war veterans, addressing escalating tensions and protests over the delayed War Veterans’ elective congress.

Speaking to the veterans, who have been vocal and demonstrative about their dissatisfaction, the President emphasized the need to end the infighting and restore solidarity within their ranks.

The agitation among the war veterans, who have been instrumental in Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle, has been mounting over the postponement of their congress. The elective congress, a significant event for the veterans, is a platform where leadership positions are contested and new strategies are discussed. However, delays have caused unrest, leading to demonstrations and heightened tensions.

President Mnangagwa, addressing the issue yesterday, made it clear that the current discord is detrimental to the veterans’ legacy and the unity of the revolutionary party. “We cannot afford to be divided at this critical juncture. Our strength has always been in our unity, and it is imperative that we resolve these issues amicably and promptly,” he stated.

The President’s address was a firm reminder of the veterans’ pivotal role in the country’s history and the ongoing need for their cohesion and leadership. He reminded them of the sacrifices made during the liberation struggle and the importance of maintaining the values and principles that guided their fight for independence.

“The delayed congress has caused frustration, but we must not let this frustration turn us against each other. Instead, we should channel our energies towards constructive dialogue and resolution,” President Mnangagwa urged. He highlighted that the elective congress is not just a procedural necessity but a vital exercise in democracy and leadership renewal within the veterans’ community.

The demonstrations, marked by toyi-toying and vocal protests, have drawn attention to the veterans’ grievances. Many feel that the delays undermine their contributions and diminish their role within the broader political landscape. President Mnangagwa acknowledged these concerns and assured the veterans that their issues would be addressed with the urgency and seriousness they deserve.

In his speech, President Mnangagwa also warned against external influences and internal factions that seek to exploit the veterans’ frustrations for personal or political gain. “There are those who thrive on division and chaos. We must be vigilant and ensure that our unity is not compromised by such elements,” he cautioned.

The call for unity was also directed towards the leadership of the War Veterans’ Association. President Mnangagwa urged the leaders to expedite the congress preparations and ensure a transparent and fair process. “Leadership is about service and accountability. It is crucial that the leadership listens to the concerns of its members and takes decisive actions to address them,” he emphasized.

President Mnangagwa’s intervention comes at a critical time, as the infighting threatens to overshadow the significant contributions of the war veterans and weaken their position within the political framework of Zimbabwe. His address was a blend of reassurance and a firm call to action, aimed at restoring order and unity among the veterans.

The war veterans, who have played a foundational role in Zimbabwe’s history, are seen as a cornerstone of the ruling Zanu PF party. Their unity and active participation are crucial for the party’s stability and continuity. President Mnangagwa’s message was clear: the legacy of the liberation struggle must be upheld through solidarity, discipline, and a commitment to the principles that guided their fight for independence.

As the veterans navigate this challenging period, the emphasis on unity and constructive resolution will be critical. President Mnangagwa’s call to end the tumult and focus on the collective good is expected to steer the veterans towards a more cohesive and harmonious future. The coming days will be pivotal in determining how these tensions are resolved and how the war veterans move forward in their quest for representation and leadership renewal.