‘Mnangagwa has dumped ZANU PF socialist ideology’ – Govt

Energy Mutodi

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is dumping ZANU PF’s Marxist-Leninist ideology of socialism and moving towards a neo-liberal ideology a senior government official has revealed.

Posting on Twitter deputy government spokesperson Energy Mutodi said, “Guardian News journalist Jason Burke who paid me a visit today agreed with me that fuel shortages, power cuts and other urban problems show the Zimbabwean economy is going through a transformative process from socialist to a neo-liberal and demand driven economy.”

South African based political analyst Fortune Mlalazi said what Mutodi revealed was a clear sign that ZANU PF was no longer the party of revolution but was reneging and selling out the ideals of Zimbabweans.

“What Mutodi let oput of the bag without ralising is that ZANU PF has technically decided to betray the founding values of 1987.” Mlalazi said. “If you remember clearly ZANU PF was found on th unity accord which says ZANU PF shall seek to establish a socialist society in Zimbabwe on the guidance of Marxism–Leninism principles. So for us to see the same party engaging in a capitalist system is shocking and sells out that it was never their intention to be  a mass party in the beginning.

“I believe ZANU PF members can use litigation methods to compel the party to return to its founding values.”

President Mnangagwa has of late been implementing liberal policies to endear himself to the western powers.

Source – Byo24