Mnangagwa calls on the US not to interfere with Zimbabwe polls

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Harare, – The extension of sanctions imposed by the United States on Zimbabwe decades ago was interpreted by president Emmerson Mnangagwa as a sample of the ignorance of Washington of what happens in this African country, reports today the local media.
Last week the members of the Committee of Foreign Relations of the Senate of the United States, Jeff Flake and Chris Coons, maintained those punitive measures against this country, adopted as punishment for the decision of then president Robert Mugabe of occupying lands of white farmers to hand them to black farmers.

In statements about the issue during the Africa CEO Forum, held this week in Abidjan and quoted today by the press in Harare, Mnangagwa said the United States has taken into account for that determination erroneous reports of opposition parties that fear losing the general elections scheduled for the middle of this year.

When you review what is being said in the United States, one is aware they are not informed… they are only repeating the text of the opposition making those demands, fearful of failing in the polls, said the President according versions spread by the news agency of that country New Ziana.

The head of State and Government called on the U.S. senators Flake and Coons to visit Zimbabwe, interview the Electoral Commission and tour the country to check that the armedf forces do not have participation in this preparatory process of the general elections.

The media recalls that as soon as Mnangagwa took office last November 24, leaders of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change traveled to Washington to plead for maintaining those punitive measures.

Meanwhile, the press in Bulawayo, second city in importance of this southern African nation, says the interference of the United States in Zimbabwe elections contradicts its Declaration of Independence of which they are very proud despite the fact it was written by ‘a group of white supremacists owners of slaves’.

If U.S. citizens really value life, liberty and happiness of other peoples, established in that document, how is it possible they consider viable to impose electoral conditions on small developing nations like Zimbabwe?, in violation of its own Constitution.

‘The conditions for elections the United States has designed for Zimbabwe as a pre-requisite to reestablish bilateral contacts are impossible because most of them affect the sovereignty of our beloved nation’, points Bulawayo24 News.

According to that source, the United States demands the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission be replaced by another created by opposition parties, military removed from their positions and officials of their preference.

Commenting on these demands, this news media recalls that Zimbabwe is a sovereign state convinced of its self-government and measures of that kind can only be interpreted as an agenda of the U.S. to rig elections in favor of its favorite representative, the Movement for Democratic Change.

It adds that movement’s leader, Nelson Chamisa, presented a plan for elections with the same conditions that now Washington is demanding.

The news media adds it is disconcerting how the United States finds appropriate to dictate conditions for Zimbabwe elections when there are questions on the access of its president Donald Trump to power and the inappropriate relations with other countries before being proclaimed winner of the 2016 elections.

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