Mnangagwa blasts overzalous police

Police load the confiscated vegetables

Mnangagwa said in a televised address: “It’s integral that we keep our economy moving forward during this period of lockdown.

Food supply should be guaranteed with minimum shocks or disruptions. Farmers must continue to produce for our nation even under conditions of lockdown. Farmers and traders alike must equally continue to deliver produce to markets including to those markets that supply our cities, towns and growth points.

“To that end, I direct our security arms to ensure a pathway for food supply. All agricultural activity must remain undisturbed throughout the period of the lockdown. All our producers must continue to feed the nation with minimum hassles.”

Mutare police raided a market in Sakubva suburb at around 3AM on Friday as rural farmers delivered truckloads of green vegetables and tomatoes. The seized produce was burned.

Images of the incident drew outrage from Zimbabweans on social media, jolting authorities. Police have faced accusations of targeting hungry citizens who are rounded up after venturing out to buy the scarce maize meal staple.

Source – zimlive

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