Mnangagwa advised to replace Zimbabwe’s entire cabinet

HARARE – Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been advised to replace his entire cabinet not merely organise a reshuffle as he was reportedly planning to do.

Addressing ruling party Zanu-PF youths at party headquarters in Harare recently, Mnangagwa commended youths in his current cabinet, complimenting them for doing a good job.

However, University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer, Eldred Masunungure, told the Daily News that a mere reshuffle will not be enough, because all the ministers have failed dismally, Pindula News reported on Monday.

“It is almost unfair for us to select certain individuals and say these ones are the bad apples because the whole cabinet needs to be removed and replaced with new people,” said Masunungure.

“He (the president) has to pick new apples and see how things will go. The current cabinet has been an absolute disaster.

“It’s totally incoherent and dysfunctional. So, it’s not really a matter of picking and choosing, he has to start from base zero,” added the political science lecturer.

African News Agency (ANA)