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MDC-T Dismisses Alleged Welshman Ncube Election Results Statement As Fake News

Professor Welshman Ncube
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MDC-T has dismissed a statement that is being attributed to MDC Alliance principal and spokesperson Welshman Ncube as fake news.

In a statement published on their Facebook page, MDC-T said the statement is being distributed by rivals to cause confusion in the electorate. Said MDC-T:

This is a fake statement being distributed by hired lightweight politicians to try and cause confusion in the electorate as we prepare for a resounding victory by President Nelson Chamisa. President Chamisa knows the results and no fake news will confuse the intelligent people of Zimbabwe.

The statement being distributed reads:

Dear Democratic Peace loving Zimbabweans

Re: Official statement on election results

Fellow Zimbabweans, we are humbled by the results we are receiving from the various polling stations in and around Harare through our agents and special intelligence from with.However, we appeal to all democrats to be patient and not to get carried away by the fake and unofficial results being circulated on social media lest we are derailed from our foam. According to our intelligence personnel, we stand at 37.7% and our biggest rival is within reach, standing at 48.3%. By. midday we will have sound and concrete evidence of our victory.

Here are 3 features to look out for on any list of results to determine its authenticity:

1) There must be a ZEC logo on every sheet that has been recorded.

2) The list must have two stamps, one from ZEC and the other from the presiding officer.

3) Every copy must be signed by at least 3 respective polling agents at the bottom of the page.

It has come to our attention that the opposition party has been crafting biased election results to confuse the nation.  May 1 take this opportunity to inform you that our Alliance is a collection of professionals that execute their duties diligently and professionally. As such, all communication will come through official MDC Alliance newsletters with the Alliance logo coming from our National Spokesperson.

Out of the results we received from 200 poling stations in Harare and surrounding areas, we have secured our victory at 123 stations and we continue to fight in the remaining thousands around the country. We are deeply disheartened by the general rural populace that has shown resistance to REAL CHANGE THAT DELIVERS perhaps due ignorance and or intimidation. Nonetheless, we soldier on knowing surely that we stand a good chance.

We urge all Zimbabweans to settle down and wait for the official announcement from ZEC even though their relationship with ZANU PF leaves a lot to be desired.