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MDC Suspends Vice President Elias Mudzuri Pending Disciplinary Action

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A letter signed by MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume says that embattled vice president Elias Mudzuri has been suspended by the party pending disciplinary action. Mudzuri has been suspended for allegedly ‘endorsing’ President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory in the July 30 polls, a position which is anathema to MDC.

Below is the letter…

Meanwhile, a statement released by the MDC party after Wednesday’ s Standing Committee reads as follows:

Today met and discussed the state of the nation. The meeting which was chaired by President Nelson Chamisa noted that the current political crisis was at the centre of several other challenges arresting the country.

The political crisis is characterised by a centre that is not holding, elite rapture, militarization, the conflation of the state and the ruling party, all worsening a crisis of legitimacy owing to the stolen election of 2018.

Resultantly the cure to the legitimacy crisis and the creation of a much needed new contract between the people of Zimbabwe and their leaders has not been established. Those in power now use the state as an arena of personal accumulation enriching themselves and those around them at the expense of the general masses.

The meeting noted that this political challenge has resulted in the following.

1. A collapsing economy with very low production levels
2. Heightening poverty, unemployment and inequality.
3. Massive shortages of fuel and other basic commodities.
4. A liquidity crisis with depositors unable to access their funds from the banks.
5. Monetary confusion with multi-exchange rates.
7. Crippling inflation with basic goods becoming unaffordable for the majority.
8. Collapsing social services characterised by a shortage of drugs and recurrence of cholera in some parts of the country.
9. A doctor’s strike which seen most hospitals discharging patients before completion of treatment and placing the rest on the risk of death through avoidable conditions.
10. Hopelessness among society and an increase on crimes of necessity, violence and rising suicide cases.

The leadership recommitted to stick to its prescription contained in President Chamisa’s five-point plan and shall complete the consultation process, conscientious Zimbabweans on the need for lawful citizen action as enshrined in section 59 of the Constitution.

The party will, however, remain committed to offering alternative economic policies to mitigate the unpalatable suffering of the Zimbabweans people.