MDC maintains dominance over MDC

Jacob Mafume

The opposition MDC has said the call for political and electoral reform is more significant now than before following its defeat in the Chimanimani and Mangwe council by elections.

MDC Secretary for Elections Jacob Mafume said he by-elections in Chimanimani and Mangwe both had irregularities, a skewed environment with absence of remedies for all the MDC’s calls for redress.

“That Zanu PF declares some places no go areas is unlawful and unacceptable in a modern society. MDC polling agents were violently chased away by Zanu PF vigilantes at four polling stations in Chimanimani, exactly the same way it happened in the 2018 election,” Mafume said.

“A case we raised even in our Presidential petition yet ignored by the Judges. Once rewarded for that kind of bad behavior Zanu PF finds no reason not to resort to that dirty tactic. An enforceable and enforced code of conduct is non-negotiable otherwise the playing field will remain tilted and elections useless.”

“We make this point to ZEC and all citizens that failure to provide a path to credible elections as a means of redress may result in Zimbabweans rejecting the Electoral route and seeking unconstitutional means of redress.”

He said electoral reforms are beneficial to everyone not just the MDC.

“Both elections in Chimanimani and Mangwe were also abused with abuse of State Institutions for Zanu PF partisan gain.Food distribution was selective with aid only availed to those perceived to be supporters of Zanu PF, excluding the rest, Mafume said.

“The MDC however expresses its gratitude to hundreds of Zimbabweans in the two wards who resisted intimidation and exclusion in defence of their belief in democracy.”

Source – Byo24