‘MDC hoping sanctions will starve masses into rebellion’

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

I believe in freedom of expression but not when the exercise of that right means freedom to offend, to brainwash and stifle debate and/or, worse still, to incite, lawlessness and thuggery!
by Patrick Guramatunhu

“The MDC Alliance in a bid to please their sponsors elsewhere have plunged the nation into the pool of confusion and suffering. The sanctions which are imposed on Zimbabwe has made the business and economy die and unemployment increase in a way only witnessed in a fiction movie,” wrote Dr Mavaza in his recent article.

“The country is profusely bleeding The unpatriotic behaviour exhibited by the MDC Alliance should not be swept under the carpet. MDC through Hwende have shown Zimbabweans that they are the ones behind the sanctions. They actually said sanctions are helping Zimbabweans. In actual fact the sanctions are starving Zimbabweans. The MDC is hoping to starve the people to rebellion. All along MDC A has refused to admit that they are the ones who have begged for sanctions in the country.”

There are so many aspects in this sanction debate that Zanu PF have ignored and thus making it clear the party is not interested in an honest and informative debate of the subject. For example, whilst the regime has gone to town on how sanctions have destroyed the Zimbabwe economy it has failed to provide any hard evidence to support this.

Whatever damage is being inflected by the sanctions is nothing compared to that caused by corruption and mismanagement. In the beginning, the regime denied there was corruption but has since admitted the problem or be it grudgingly.

In 2016 then President Mugabe the country was being “swindled out of US$15 billion in lost diamond revenue alone. He never arrested even one diamond swindler nor has Mnangagwa, his successor.

Last month ZACC admitted that the commission had identified US$ 7 billion is assets and cash that have been salted out of the country. It is no secret that ZACC will never stamp out corruption because the Godfathers behind the corruption and government leaders including President Mnangagwa himself.

It is clear the regime is blaming the country’s economic meltdown on sanctions just to draw attention away from the root causes of corruption, mismanagement and the rotten political system which has allowed Zanu PF to remain in power regardless of the party’s economic failures.

Even if sanctions were the root cause of Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown, one has to ask why the regime and its apologists are targeting the opposition leaders and not the western nations who imposed the sanctions. The regime has dismissed opposition leaders as nothing more than “the West’s puppets”. So why punish the puppet for the omission of his master!

Worse of all, why are ordinary Zimbabweans being denied their freedoms and rights including the right to free, fair and credible elections and even the right to life itself. Zanu PF imposed this de facto one-party dictatorship for the same selfish reasons the white colonialists did.

So instead of independence restoring the freedoms and rights the whites had denied the black majority all it did was replace the white oppressor with the Zanu PF oppressors.

The number one item, indeed the only item, on the national agenda should be the restoration of the individual freedoms and rights including the holding of free, fair and credible elections. It is no surprise that Zanu PF and its apologists are using every dirty trick in the book to have sanctions as the only item on the national agenda by pretending it is the hardship caused by sanction pushing the masses to rebel against the dictatorship.

Even the simpletons who have believed all the Zanu PF lies and propaganda have woken up to the reality that for them to have any meaningful say in the country’s destiny, they must restore their political power to hold those in power to account. They must have the power to remove Zanu PF, if need be, from office and the only sure way to regain that power is by making sure there free, fair and credible elections.

It is very sad indeed that 40 years after independence we are still fighting for the same basic freedoms and rights so many suffered and died for before independence. So, yesterday’s liberators have become today’s oppressors.

“76% of those fighting in the Rhodesia Front Army were blacks!” A white supremacist once boasted.

The racial colour of the oppressors has changed, there are still as many sell-outs ready and willing to serve the new masters! Zanu PF has never had any problems finding Zimbabweans willing to sell their own mothers for a price. Even now with all the 40 years of documented evidence of Zanu PF corruption and tyranny, there are people like Professor Mthuli Ncube, Kirsty Coventry, Dr Mavaza, and many, many others who will falsify the party’s record and defend the dictatorship for the sake of thirty pieces of silver!

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