MDC Alliance must resign in protest against recalling of colleagues

Settlement Chikwinya

MDC Alliance legislator Settlement Chikwinya has urged all the legislators in his party to resign rather than to allow themselves to be cross floored to Thokozani Khupe’s party which they did noit contest the seats under.

The remarks come after the parliament recalled four of the MDC Alliance MPs in the in instigation of Douglass Mwonzora the secretary general of the MDC-T as at 2014.

“While we wait for a comprehensive statement from the Party Leader Adv Nelson Chamisa or his designate, I urge us to remain calm and focused. All what is happening was predictable. Politics is about profering solutions and providing leadership. Beyond recalling MPs, Khupe and crew have nothing to offer to the people of Zimbabwe. The only leader and surviour is President Chamisa and his time is now,” he said.

“While as your MP I will stand guided by MDC Alliance, a party that sponsored me to Parliament, at a personal level I reiterate what I said in one of our CCC meetings, that is, ALL MDC ALLIANCE DEPLOYEES MUST RESIGN ENMASS, this is my personal view subject to guidence by President Chamisa and the Party.”

“My view is derived from the following: As a MDC Alliance MP, I take directives and caucus with President Chamisa, how then am o expected to continue as an MP if The Speaker wants me to take instructions from any other leader who did not sponsor me to Parliament?” he added.

He said the People of Mbizo Constituency, voted me on the basis that I was under the Leadership of President Chamisa whom they equally and over whelmly voted for, the same people still believe in President Chamisa and no any other leader.

“Whom then will I be representing in Parliament if I continue as MP against the will of the Constituency I represent. As an MP , I am expected to oversee the executive functions. How do I continue as an MP performing oversight to an executive that captures the courts for political expediency,” he said.

“The executive stole the Presidential Election from President Chamisa through a bogus Con Court Ruling. The same Executive legitimized a coup through a High court ruling on 23/11/17. The same Executive today, makes a shamefully attempt to destroy a legitimate party, the MDC Alliance through a Supreme court Judgement Nicodemusly delivered during a lockdown period. The Illegitimate Executive unshamedly facilitates the recall and expulsion from Parliament of one Political party by another!!.”

He said this can not be business as usual, he refuses to be a passive legislator and stand on the side of the people.

“The people spoke on 30 July 2018. The MDC family spoke in Gweru on 26-28 May 2019,” he said.

Source – Stephen Jakes