Mbeki coming back in two weeks

Thabo Mbeki

HARARE – South African Former President Thabo Mbeki has finally left the country after holding marathon meetings with ZANU PF leaders and opposition leaders.

Mbkei said he will return to Zimbabwe to the country to continue the meetings with other political players.

Mbeki met President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa on Monday and the rest of the Political leadership on Tuesday.

The church has also requested to be included in the talks with President Mbeki.

After meeting Mbeki, Former Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe said, “Our discussions with former President Thabo Mbeki were around how to move this country forward and we realise that we can only move the country forward by uniting as Zimbabweans and speaking with one voice.

“We want everyone to have a better life in this country and this can only come when people come together and start talking to one another. These are the issues we discussed with President Mbeki and we agreed that as political players in this country, let us come together, let us speak with one voice, let us move our country forward because the people of Zimbabwe matter than any other person.”

Source – Byo24