Mashakada leaves Chamisa’s MDC Alliance

MDC Alliance faces dramatic revolt as more MPs appear to be deserting the camp led by Nelson Chamisa.

The former Cabinet Minister and Hatfield legislator Tapiwa Mashakada becoming the latest to categorically state that he has chosen “to disassociate myself from this dictatorship and join forces with my comrades who are committed to protecting, defending, promoting and advancing the Morgan Tsvangirai legacy.”

Mashakada confirmed he had left MDC Alliance due to worsening divisions after he criticised the decision to disengage from Parliament as stupid and unstrategic.

He adds that two-thirds of MPs and members of the Tsvangirai family are all unhappy with the Chamisa leadership.

The term “constitutionalists” is being used in opposition circles to describe those who accept the Supreme Court ruling of 31st March which declared Chamisa illegitimate and called for an extraordinary congress.

Last week, Mashakada led a revolt and went into Parliament despite the Alliance having resolved to disengage from the august house.

Apart from Mashakada, Paurina Gwanyanya-Mpariwa has also ditched the MDC Alliance camp in favour of the camp that respects the Supreme Court ruling.

We publish below the full statement by Mashakada.


(MDC Alliance Secretary-General Chalton) Hwende is peddling lies and falsehoods that I and Hon Paurina Mpariwa have were “fired” by the National Standing Committee.

The world must know that the MDC project is collapsing because of one Charlton Hwende who has a blank cheque in the Standing Committee to attack, rubbish and tell everyone that “chinhu chedu” “you are just a passenger in other people’s bus”.

And the current Standing Committee is full of many tormented souls. Hamuna mufaro. People are maltreated as objects. Many of them are suffering in silence. The day it will explode it will be worse than what you are witnessing today.