‘Madhuku a disappointing traitor’ – MDC MP

Former MDC Legislator Norman Mpofu has described National Constitutional Assembly leader Lovemore Madhuku as a traitor saying the constitutional law expert whom he regarded as a hero in the 1990s has disappointed him by dinning with Zanu PF a party that has made people’s lives miserable for too long.

Madhuku is part of the Political Actors Dialogue which was initiated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa who most sectors of the society say rigged the 2018 elections stumbling MDC leader Nelson Chamisa from running the country.

“Of all the traitors masquerading as negotiators under Polad I am disappointed by Prof Lovemore Madhuku. This man was my hero in the 90s and fought really battles especially enlightening us on constitutional matters,” Mpofu said.

“The man was brave. What suddenly got into that head and turned him against the people. Trust anyone at your own peril. Can’t believe Madhuku is supping with the devil. So anyone can be a mthengisi at any stage of the struggle especially professors.”

Source – Byo24