Kasukuwere’s message to Zimbabweans

Cdes, I address you as the health situation in our country is deteriorating. The advent of Covid-19 better known as Coronavirus is certainly upon us. Whilst authorities favour us with numbers of the 2 cases detected, let’s not allow that to lull us into a false sense of security and invincibility.

Corona,  I have no doubt, has affected more people than can be acknowledged. I dare say, ‘We are on our Own’. All other nations are now looking after their own people only.

Nations are on complete lockdown, with very very to nonexistent movement in the cities and towns.

At this hour, let no one prompt you to do the right thing, but simply decide on your own – I have to survive. Think about your loved ones, think about your career, think about your responsibilities and make the correct decision. Go into your house and lock the door. It is a fact, Covid19 is a marauding and deadly virus. It knows no tribe, race, height, history, sex, age nor faith. It’s an unannounced death sentence to all people. The choice is yours, to stand in the open and get sucked or follow a good example of nations that have made it. China, closed all restaurants, shops, a total and complete lockdown.

Let’s save ourselves and life.

Zimbabwe is not prepared for this epidemic, rather we should be prepared at an individual, family, community and nation at large to do the best we can. Stay home and follow the WHO guidelines and the direction coming from the Ministry of Health.

On this score, let me say, don’t wait for them. Just do it. Stay home and protect your families. Don’t be selfish and bring a catastrophe to your family and your loved ones .


It’s big trouble out there.

Source – Tyson Wabantu Movement