Kasukuwere remembers Zimbabwe November-2017 coup

Former Local Government, Public Works and National Housing minister Saviour Kasukuwere

Exiled former G40  Kingpin Saviour Kasukuwere has posted a tweet remembering the November 2017 bloody coup that ended 37 years of the late President Robert Mugabe’s iron rule.

Said Kasukuwere, “Thank you Lord for covering and protecting our families. Without your kindness, today and this morning, 24 months ago, it could have been a different story. President Mugabe,(MHSRIP)and First Lady Amai Mugabe, Siyabonga. Kusatenda huroyi. God is powerful.”

On November 16 2017 soldiers stormed the house of Kasukuwere where he was hiding with his family and Professor Jonathan Moyo’s family.

The fired bullets until those inside the house called Grace Mugabe for help.

The events of the day are captured in a hagiography by Douglas Rogers called Two weeks in November.

Read the extract below:

Inside, Saviour and Moyo and their families are cowering in terror, the children screaming, the house shaking, glass shattering. The alarm on the hi-tech security system is an ear-piercing shriek. The soldiers are trying to pryopen the sturdy steel gates, but they’re remote-controlled and hold fast.

At one point, one of the group frantically calls the only people who can help them, the Mugabes. Grace answers and they beg her, “Please save us, Mama!”(Moyo later says it was Grace who called them; that she had heard the neighbourhood gunfire and got word of the other attacks). Either way, Grace tells them she will send help .And then, just like that, after 15 minutes, a strange thing happens: the attack stops. The soldiers lower their weapons, return to their vehicles and drive off. Which is very strange.

They have stormed the Finance Minister’s house and detained him; they have stormed Moyo’s house but he wasn’t in. Here they don’t even attempt to enter.

Were they just sending a message to Saviour? Had the President or Grace made a frantic call to Chiwenga, begging him to call it off? Twenty minutes later, two vehicles pull up through the mist outside the still smouldering mansion. Grace has heeded the call and sent cars to collect her allies and their families. She has given the drivers instructions: “You could die in the process but you need to get them.” The shaken families pile in and they arrive at the Blue Roof minutes later without mishap.

They are not stopped or searched. The wives and children will be sheltered at the Blue Roof for the next week, but for Saviour and Moyo the journey has only just begun. They will soon be in another car, heading east, where – just over a week after mocking ED for being a border jumper – they will cross the same Mozambique border and go into exile.

Source – Byo24