Jonathan Moyo reveals ZANU PF strategy for winning in rural areas

Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo says the ruling ZANU PF is using poverty and underdevelopment as a strategy to capture the rural voters to vote for it.

Moyo was commenting on the recently held Lupane East by-election which was won ZANU PF.

Said Moyo, “ZANU PF’s by-election win in rural Lupane proves Zimbabwe’s tragedy: for ZANU PF to win, rural Zimbabwe must lose by remaining underdeveloped and poor. A developed and urban Zimbabwe cannot vote ZANU PF!”

In 2014 Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa was accused of spearheading development in his Hurungwe constituency with the help of Americans. ZANU PF feared that he will expose its winning formula to the enemy.

The state media accused Mliswa of being “one of the 12 ZANU PF National Assembly members who were hobnobbing with Eric Little, a well known CIA agent deployed at the US embassy in Harare, cloaked as second secretary for parliamentary affairs.”

The Herald said Little recruited Mliswa from zanu-pf and James Maridadi as well as Willas Madzimure from the MDC-T stable. The trio supplied him with the developments in their respective parties in exchange for largesse.

“Mliswa was a willing tool in this nefarious project. He took Little to Mashonaland West where he was introduced to everybody who mattered in the CIA’s regime change project. Councillors, village headmen, zanu-pf provincial executives and heads of Provincial Government Departments were all introduced to Little with a view to recruit them.” The paper said.

In Lupane ZANU PF used medication sourced from government hospitals to use during its campaign. In other areas it uses maize and mealie meal to get the voters to vote for them.

Source – Byo24