Jonathan Moyo denies Chamisa appointment

Prof. Jonathan Moyo

Exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo has denied allegations that he was appointed to be MDC leader Nelson Chamisa’s advisor recently.

Posting on his micro blog twitter yesterday Moyo said, “President Nelson Chamisa varakashi and poladists claim you appointed me your advisor when we allegedly met in Morningside in Joburg, SA the other week, reportedly on your return from Italy. Where’s the appointment? And I was last in SA in October 2015 when tragedy struck my family!”

In August 20128 Moyo refuted reports by State Media that he was advising Chamisa on electoral matters.

“The junta knows that both were frauds. I’m not MDC and I’m not Chamisa’s advisor. But I know as do the majority of Zimbabweans that the election was stolen and the theft was endorsed by the ConCourt.” he said then.”Let’s get the facts and figures right.

If I were Chamisa’s advisor, I wouldn’t advise him to form a political party when even fools know he is Tsvangirai’s successor as MDC leader.

But I would tell him to stay the course with the over 2,6 million Zimbabweans who voted for him.”

Source – Byo24